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It's not new.

It's NEO.

Our latest roadside safety system, there for you when you need it the most.


Lighter. Faster. NEO.

The passco L1 NEO is the newest of all passco L1 roadside safety barriers. The idea of a level system, according to the latest harmonised European standards, counts also to the passco L1 NEO, as a level L1 system. Due to the reduction of post spacing, the NEO system helps to reduce time of installation and reaches a 30% decrease of weight, compared to the standard passco L1 systems.


Fully crash tested.

The passco L1 NEO has been crash tested according to harmonised European Norm hEN1317. The NEO system was crash tested to withstand heavy, medium and light weights. 

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The L1 NEO series.

The passco L1 NEO series are our latest and lightest roadside safety barrier systems, fully manufactured out of steel. The standard NEO series consist of the containment level N2, ASI A, with a working width of 0,8 meters (W2) and H1, ASI A, with a working width of 1,0 meters (W3). The system is installed in ground at a system height of 750 mm, with a post spacing of 4,00 meters. The NEO SR series is a H1, ASI A, with a working width of 1,3 meters (W4) and differs slightly from the passco L1 NEO in its particular parts of the system.

passco L1 NEO

passco L1 NEO SR

N2 / H1


Acceleration Severity Index



Working width

W2 / W3


Post distance

4.00 m

4.00 m

Containment level

passco L1 NEO

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