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passco 3N

High containment level. High value.

Stronger than standard.

The 3N profile is wider than a standard profile. The triple beam profile has been implemented to a lot of different markets. We have developed the passco 3N system to cover H2 containment level market needs. The passco 3N series are outstanding in their low deflection after being impacted. 

Working on the details.

To find the best solution for a low deflecting, high performing roadside safety barrier, the passco 3N systems have gone through in depth analyses and evaluation by computer simulations. These support to make small changes which can have great impacts on the outcome of a crash. Computer simulations present and express very well how our roadside safety barriers may react in real-life. 

One for all projects. 

The passco 3N is applicable to roadside, as well as median or on structure (e.g. bridges). It can be used in standard steel or as weather resistant structure steel. Its multiple usage is helpful for projects that require H2 containment levels and a maximum deflection of the roadside safety barrier of W4 (working width). You can connect the passco 3N as a rammed version to on structure versions, without the need of special connections or transitions. 

Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-30 um 15.26.32.png

The big one.

Our passco 3N system is also available as H4b system, which means it has been crash tested and restraints a truck of 38 tons. 

passco 3N

Find the right passco 3N.

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