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passco L1

The most sophisticated roadside safety barrier in the world.

Modularity build for road safety. Change the post distance and reach a new performance level. All parts are the same. Just by adjusting the post spacing, the passco L1 roadside safety barrier performs differently. You will not need difficult transitions.

Share the energy.

The extraordinary design of the revolutionary passco L1 roadside safety barrier has been reached by research and development of several main factors for passive road safety of vehicle passengers. 




Nobody is perfect.

Nobody can stop it from happening. Every day millions of car crashes happen in the world. Distracted driving being one of the most causes why crashes happen on the road. Falling asleep, loss of control, aggressive maneuvering - you name it. However, the outcome of a car crash can be improved by passive road safety.

The solution for small cars and big trucks.

We have developed a solution of roadside safety barriers, protecting vehicle occupants safely and withstanding heavy forces. The passco L1 roadside safety barrier is developed to support, when you need it the most.