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passco MPS

The first German fully tested motorcycle protection system.

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Our goal is to significantly reduce the death rate and degree of injuries of two-wheelers. Therefore, we developed and produce an underrail for existing  roadside safety barriers that can be upgraded with our passco MPS (Motorcycle Protection System), fully tested according to EN1317-8 and even crash tested with cars. 

Image by Kevin Oetiker

Riding is freedom. 

Motorcyclist are by their nature far less crashworthy than closed vehicles. They can be faster than other road users, less visible and are far more vulnerable in case of accidents than other road users. This is why great protection must be granted also on the roadside. Especially in curves, in the mountains, and other areas, where motorcycling is the most fun.

Made to protect.

The passco MPS has been tested to withstand severe impacts from different angles and with different types of vehicles. Upgrading regular roadside safety barriers is not difficult, the passco MPS can easily be adjusted to the existing side barrier on the road, by connecting special constructed tap attachments to the on site roadside safety barrier. The most important is the protection the passco MPS can give to two-wheelers.

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Most scientific studies show that accidents with two-wheelers most likely involve falling from the bike and sliding over the ground.

We tested the passco MPS with a dummy with the weight of 80 kg, sliding over the ground, impacting the passco MPS on two impact points at a speed of 60 km/h.

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The most important part to protect is of course the head. In addition, our tests measured several movements of the neck and spine of the dummy, even parts of the shoulder.

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passco MPS

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