The first German 

Motorcycle protection system

tested according to European norm


in cooperation with 

passco MPS


According to a CEDR report on forgiving roadsides, 45% of fatal accidents are single vehicle primarily classified as run-off, i.e. where the vehicle leaves the road and enters the roadside.

To prevent such accidents, road safety practitioners have spent significant resources into developing forgiving roadsides. As a first step, this design philosophy states that ‘roadside environment should not contain dangerous elements that will seriously injure or kill vehicle occupants that have unplanned trajectories off the carriageway.

A fundamental component of this philosophy is the definition of an obstacle-free safety zone beside the carriageway.

Given that, however, it is not always possible to remove obstacles, guardrails are often placed on roadsides to protect vehicles. As with most infrastructure solutions, they have been originally designed to protected cars and with this the needs of motorcyclists are overlooked.


This means that traditional guardrails, instead of protecting riders, can represent in fact an obstacle in themselves.

Therefore, PASS+CO has developed a continuous motorcycle protection system, fully tested according to EN1317 Part 8 and Part 2.

The "passco MPS" is the first German motorcycle protection system that has been tested.