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Vision Zero for the Balkans

1st to 2nd June 2022 BBARS and IRF road safety conference under the patronage of HE Rumen Radev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, in Sofia, Bulgaria🇧🇬

Vision Zero for the Balkans
Vision Zero for the Balkans


06 Jun 2022, 13:00

Sofia Marinela Hotel, Blvd "James Bourchier" 100, 1407 g.k. Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria


„Vision Zero for the Balkans“

The „Vision Zero for Balkans“ road safety conference was held from 1st to 2nd June 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and brought together stakeholders, authorities, road planners and designers, manufacturers and installers of roadside safety barriers, road marking, and more from all over the region, such as Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia and Poland.

The conference was organized by the „International Road Federation (IRF)“ in correspondence with the „Road Safety Bulgarian Branch Association (BBRAS)“.

The road safety conference, under the patronage of HE Rumen Radev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, started with informative presentations about local road infrastructure issues and solutions, followed by a speech of HE Radev and the Ministry of Transportation.

We had the honor to meet with HE Rumen Radev at the occasion and discuss necessary roadside safety involvement in Bulgarian roads and highways.

The conference was followed by children of local schools, who colored paintings for the ministers in honor of the official Children‘s day, celebrated in Bulgaria.

JUPITER HOLDING together with PASS+CO BULGARIA Ltd. is constantly optimizing the work for all road safety equipments and roadside safety, research and development, road marking, maintenance and repair works, light poles and galvanization in Bulgaria and designated territories of the Balkans.

Lately entering the business of solar panel structure production and installation, JUPITER is diversifying into a new branch for the PASS+CO Group.

The road safety conference was followed by a visit to the „National Museum of History“ in Sofia, where selected participants of the conference were invited to learn more about the rich history and background of Bulgaria.

The evening ended with an extraordinary gala dinner at the museum with music.

The second day of the road safety conference „Vision Zero for Balkans“ was held at the „University of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy“, where besides other prestiges persons of the road safety industry, Mr. J. Marten Hiekmann (General Manager of PASS+CO INTERNATIONAL GmbH) presented our „passco MPS“ development and solutions for vulnerable road users.

Mr. Nikloay Ivanov (Managing Director of PASS+CO BULGARIA Ltd and JUPITER HOLDING) held the clothing speech of the event and wished all participants well.

We would like to thank the BBARS and IRF for the organization and all the participants for their involvement!


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