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PASS+CO has served industrial and commercial sectors all over the globe with its technical know-how since 1852.

PASS+CO is a traditional medium-seized family business headquartered in Siegen, Germany, since 1852. PASS+CO is the oldest German manufacturer of steel barrier systems. PASS+CO offers a full suite of Vehicle Restraint System (VRS) products including all containment levels of European Norm EN1317, single-sided, double sided safety barriers, bridge parapets, end terminals, crash cushions and other associated items such as motorcycle protection systems, barrier reflectors and wooden guardrails.

The PASS+CO team decisively shaped road safety associations (IVS, IVSt, ERF, IRF) over years and has developed specifications for Germany, Europe and internationally.

PASS+CO has its roots in Siegen "Siegerland", where for centuries ore-mining and melting of iron influences the city and its habitants. A strong industrial area for steel developed in Siegen. 
PASS+CO was founded in 1852. In the beginning, plates from Siegerländer profiling mills were processed into ash boxes, tubes and steel troughs. 

The founder of the company, Hermann Müller, was one of the first to introduce the autogenous cutting and welding process in the region. In 1893, he retired from his activities in the business.

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His son-in-law, Heinrich Pass, joined the company and started to promote products outside the region of Siegerland. He introduced galvanised water buckets to East Prussia, where they used wooden buckets were used most commonly. 

Every year the company expanded and in 1906 an in-house galvanising plant was added to the factory. Heinrich Pass retired of his duties as manager of the company in 1935 and handed over his sole ownership to his successor, Carl Hiekmann, his son-in-law.

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In 1937 the production was relocated to Siegen-Weidenau, "Industriestraße". The company grew from 50 employees in year 1910 to 300 in year 1960. Since 1955, steel road safety barriers have been manufactured and galvanised in the factory, as well as installed by own assembly crews and subcontractors. 

In 1968, Karl Heinz Hiekmann, the 4th generation continued the business and established a second location in Bad-Berleburg, Berghausen. At this location, PASS+CO was processing heat-resistant stainless steel according to customer drawings, containers and apparatus constructions for chemical industry.

In 1987, Heinz Georg Hiekmann took over the management in the 5th generation and expanded the service sector. He restructured the company and initiated the specialisation of the company into traffic safety systems. At this stage PASS+CO offered complete solutions for steel barrier systems, starting at project planning, designing, production, galvanising to assembling with own installation crews on the roads. Very early,  a fully integrated management system with quality, environmental and occupational safety management for the organisation and personnel, was created. In 1992, PASS+CO received its first DIN ISO 9000 quality management certification.

By the end of the 90th, the ownership structure of the company was separated into different independent limited companies with its own core skills of production, installation, service and research development.

In 2006, the location of the factory in Germany was changed to Wilnsdorf.

Today, PASS+CO is lead in 6th generation for international business and locally by non-family members management.

The office of PASS+CO INTERNATIONAL is relocated to Siegen, Germany. 


Together in joint ventures PASS+CO INTERNATIONAL  is manufacturing, assembling, selling road restraint systems and offers services related to road safety all over the globe. 

Manufacturing in 12 countries 

Activities on 6 continents

Present in over 45% of the world

Business in 110 countries


Where we are today.